Why Social Skills are Important

Carolyn Means - Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Whether a child is at recess, in a classroom group, or at a birthday party, poor social skills can lead to bullying, sadness, isolation, and under performance at school. The increasing demand for soft skills such as communication and cooperation at school puts children with poor social skills at risk. The child who can’t read facial cues that say, “back off”, who doesn’t “get the joke”, or who doesn’t realize his behavior is obnoxious may find himself not wanted on a team at recess, in a group for classroom work, or at a lunch table with classmates. Wendy Dawson recently spoke at a Fusion Academy event about Social Motion Skills which she founded to teach her son and others like him how to have success in all the things we do and say when we interact with our peers. Beginning with young children, Social Motion Skills, a non-profit organization, serves all ages including a large young adult group. Is your kiddo ready to drive? Social Motion has a Driver’s Ed program, as well.

Why Students with Learning Disabilities Need the Right School

Carolyn Means - Monday, September 05, 2016

Here are some statistics from regarding the reasons why parents of students with learning disabilities are anxious:

45% of parents say their child has been bullied

37% feel their chid’s school does not effectively test for LD

96% believe that with the proper teaching, students can make up for their learning disability

66% of all students diagnosed with LD are boys

19% of high school students with LD drop out before graduation

If you have concerns that your son or daughter is not being well served in school, now is the time to come see me for a consultation while the admission season is just beginning.

Presentation for Parents

Carolyn Means - Monday, September 05, 2016
Find information here – – or contact me at about a presentation I am giving at Advantage Testing on Wednesday, September 28, from 9-10:30 AM. I will be giving strategies for a successful admission season. SOAR coaches will give parents tips on how to help their children develop essential executive functioning skills that are assessed on group interviews for early childhood admission. EF Skills such as focus, self-control, making transitions, taking turns, listening and following directions are the skills school admission committees are looking for. Success on IQ tests depend upon these strong EF skills – not reading and writing.

When Should a Child Quit an Activity?

Carolyn Means - Monday, September 05, 2016

What family doesn’t have discarded tutus, tap shoes, baseball gloves, cleats, swim team bags or violins in a closet? These are the leftovers of exposing children to activities that can enrich their young years. It starts with an investment in time and paraphernalia, and then comes the day they want to quit. The Wall Street Journal (August 25, 2016) carried an article by Nina Sovich with some helpful points for parents who worry that allowing children to quit an activity will have lasting, negative repercussions. Sovich says, “there are benefits to letting go, and they are best learned in childhood” when the stakes are low. Quitting allows a child to learn to make decisions. Sovich suggests children should spend at least six months at an activity or a season at a sport to decide if they like it. Parents need to be careful when choosing a child’s activities because their child may not have the natural talent for it. If children are exposed to many activities, they will usually find one they are passionate about by their teens. Remember my rule for activities: one after school per semester because the brain needs rest to learn all the content our schools are pushing.

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